Sofa Cleaning New York

Do you feel that your three-seater sofa is becoming dirtier with every passing day? Do you need to clean the sofa to remove the oil stain? If you try to remove the stains with normal detergent, it might not actually remove the stains rather it might even damage the color of the sofa cover. If you are in New York and if you do not have time, then you shall simply call us. Call us and we shall help you. We, from Sofa Cleaning New York are known for offering professional sofa and upholstery cleaning service across the city of New York.

Get Superfast and Effective Cleaning service:

Call us at our helpline number and we shall come to your help in no time. We offer emergency services too so that if you have any accidental spills, you shall call us and we shall come to your side in fifteen minutes or less. If you need our help in removing stains and bacteria from the deep layers of sofa, then we shall come and do a preliminary check and then based on the treatments needed, we shall work on the sofa. We, from Sofa cleaning New York have got our cleaners ready to do all kinds of cleaning treatments:

  • Pet hair removal
  • Stain removal including grease, oil, ink, food
  • Removal of odor
  • Reviving the color and texture

Multi-step cleaning process for sofa:

We, from Sofa Cleaning New York, have got expertise in removing the dust and food particles by vacuuming the sofa. We would be washing the sofa and drying them all in your home or office only. We offer the most hassle-free and mess-free cleaning and drying of sofa here. We serve in and around zip code 10003, and in area codes of 212, 347, 646, 718 and 917.