About Us

Welcome to our website! We are Upholstery Cleaning New York, a company that has been offering Effective and Perfect Cleaning of all kinds of upholstery for your residences or commercial centers. We are one of the most respected companies that have come up with knowledgeable and skilled cleaning service. Our work of cleaning sofas, couches and curtains make us one of the top names in the business.

Why are we famous?

We, from Upholstery Cleaning New York are famous for our fastest and the most intensive cleaning of upholstery pieces, sofas and mattresses. Our company was founded in 19--- by Mr….in New York when there were hardly any professional companies around.

We have come a long way since then. We had four members in our team and Mr…took time to study varieties of carpets, and he understood that since these carpets were made of vegetable dyes and were hand woven, they had to be given real care. Our work has been going on following the same code of ethics. We are today thankful to our R&D Department that works to bring out some of the easiest and eco-friendly solvents that would remove stains and odor from the delicate fabrics like silk, nylon, satin, or even from lacy or tasseled upholstery.

We specialize in:

  • Removing bed bugs and mites from mattresses and pillows
  • Removing hard stains of oil and grease from sofas or couches
  • Working on folds and patterns of mattresses
  • Special care to couches and restoring them
  • Repairing covers

Our work has made us very popular and today, we need no introduction. Our work has become hugely popular thanks to the efforts put in by our cleaners.

Call us at (917) 789-1816  or visit our website www.upholsterycleaning-newyork.com and get to know the No-Obligatory Free estimate.